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Swafford & Sons Joe Swafford and Joe Swafford Jr. Renovation Specialists

Joseph Swafford, owner and operator of Swafford & Sons, started learning how to renovate and repair homes at the age of 15 from his dad, Joe Swafford. Joe Swafford has been working in home repair for over 30 years in the Southern Illinois area. With the knowledge gained from his father, and 15 years of handyman experience, Joseph Swafford started Swafford & Sons Home Renovation and Repair.

You are more likely to to have heard the Swafford name in conjunction with Murphysboro's lumber yard, Swafford Lumber. The Swaffords have also historically done contracting work, completing several of the historic churches in Murphysboro. Joseph Swafford has continued the long standing tradition of running a highly reputable family business.

The Swaffords have been a local family in Murphysboro, Illinois for over 100 years and are proud to serve their community. 


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